The Sacrament of Baptism
at St. Mark

Go, therefore, and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit.”
— MATTHEW 28:19

The Sacrament of Baptism is incredibly important for any christian and we are honored that you are interested in baptizing your child here at your St. Mark. We hope that this is the beginning of many sacraments for your family!

Preparing for this sacrament is of great importance and each church has a unique process for their parishioners. We invite you to read through this page carefully, to better understand our requirements and procedures. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact our Parish Office by phone at (972) 423-5600 or email us for more information!

Preparation: Step by Step

Frequently Asked Questions
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Requirements for Parents

At St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church we require the following from parents seeking to baptize their child:

  • At least one of the parents must be Catholic
  • Parents must attend a Baptism Preparation Course.  
    • If the parents have attended a baptism class in the past 3 years, they can provide the certificate of completion by emailing it to to be exempt from retaking the course.
  • Parents must provide a copy of the birth certificate of the child to be baptized. 
  • If the parents are members of another Catholic Parish, they must bring a letter from the respective parish stating that they have permission to baptize the child at St. Mark.

Requirements for Godparents

At St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church we require the following from aspiring godparents:

  • Only one godparent is necessary. The godparent(s) must be a fully initiated Catholic (baptized, confirmed, received Eucharist), at least 16 years old, and must be leading a sacramental life in harmony with the church (cf. CIC canon 874). Maximum of 2 Godparents per child.
  • If there are two godparents, one must be male and the other female. There cannot be two male godparents or two female godparents.
  • They should attend Sunday Masses and holy days, and live a life according to the teachings of the Catholic Church
  • If the Godparent(s) is single, meaning not married nor living in common-law with somebody, he/she must provide a copy of their Certificate of Confirmation from the Catholic Church
  • If the Godparent is married, he/she must provide a copy of the Catholic Marriage Certificate (must have received the following sacraments: baptism, first communion, confirmation, and marriage)
  • The godparent may not be the father or the mother of the one to be baptized (cf. CIC canon 874).
  • A baptized and believing Christian from a separated church or community may act as a Christian witness at the request of the parents, but there must be a Catholic godparent. A lapsed Catholic should not be a Christian witness (cf. CIC canon 874).
  • Godparents should attend a Baptismal Preparation Course in order to better understand their role as godparents. Such Preparation also provides opportunity for renewal of, and new understandings about, the Catholic faith.
  • Unfortunately, we cannot accept godparents who:
    • are not Catholic
    • are under the age of 16
    • are living with their partner under common-law, meaning without being married through the Catholic Church
    • are married outside of the Catholic Church


Attend a Baptism Preparation Course

The Baptism Preparation Course is a requirement that will help parents and godparents gain a fuller appreciation of the sacrament of Baptism and what it means to raise a child in the Catholic faith. At St. Mark, we have begun to offer this course in-person again.


Baptism Preparation Course


First Tuesdays of the Month
English: 6:00 PM
Spanish: 8:00 PM


Parish Office
1105 W. 15th St.
Plano, TX 75075


The course must be completed by both parents and godparents of the child who will be baptized.


Parents and Godparent(s) must pre-pay and pre-register for a course. Limited availability. No walk-ins allowed.

How Much:

Parents: $25.00
Single Godparent(s): $25.00
Married Godparents: $25.00

In order to attend a Baptism Preparation Course we ask that you pre-pay and pre-register. We prompt you to reread the requirements to ensure that you can partake in the celebration of the Sacrament of Baptism.

Note: We encourage that you make your payment first and then register for a class, since the registration form will ask you for your payment confirmation number.


Please make sure to fill out the payment form correctly.

  • Make sure you are paying the correct amount, according to your status as parents, single godparent(s), or married godparents.
  • Make sure you have selected “Baptism Fees/Baustimo” from the drop-down menu.
  • Make sure you include your name in the comment section so that we can trace the payment.
    • If you are a parent, include the name of both parents.
    • If you are married godparents, include the name of the both godparents.

Important: After completing your payment, you should receive a payment confirmation code via email. Please keep this information at hand, since this code will be requested when you register for the course.

Click here to submit your payment.

Sign Up

You can signup for a Baptism Preparation Course using the following links, according to your language preference.

Click here to signup for a Baptism Preparation Course in English.
Click here to signup for a Baptism Preparation Course in Spanish.


Register & Submit Documents

After completing the Baptism Preparation Course and/or after our Parish Life office receives your certificate of completion, we can move forward to the next step: Registering for Baptism at St. Mark.

This step consists of providing more information about the child, the family, and the future godparents. Again, we prompt you to reread the requirements to ensure that you can partake in the celebration of the Sacrament of Baptism.

Registration for Parents

Click here to fill out the registration form for parents.

Important: Parents must provide the birth certificate of the child. You may scan the document and email it to or you may bring it to the Parish Office during business hours for us to scan this for you.

Registration for Godparent(s)

Click here to fill out the registration form for godfathers.
Click here to fill out the registration form for godmothers.

Important: Married Godparents must provide a Catholic Marriage Certificate. Single Godparents must provide a Confirmation Certificate. You may scan the document and email it to or you may bring it to the Parish Office during business hours for us to scan this for you.

Submitting Documents

Please send in the necessary documents (listed above) via email to In the message box of the email please notify us if you have completed all necessary steps so we can review your file. Due to the large number of requests/emails that we receive please allow 2-3 business days after submitting all documents to receive an email. It is the responsibility of the parents to ensure everything has been submitted. We will not review any files until we have been notified via email that all documentation and registrations have been completed. 


Schedule Baptism Date

After all of the steps above have been completed, all documents, certificates, and forms have been turned in…our Parish Life Office will contact you with a link to schedule the date for your child’s baptism.

Usually, baptisms are held on Saturdays at 10am; however some liturgical and secular holidays interfere with this norm. Please do not book any flights nor make invitations until your official baptism date has been confirmed.

More specific instructions about the baptism ceremony will be provided when you receive the link to schedule your child’s baptism.

We are excited for you and your family as you take this next step in your journey of faith as a family in our community and in the Catholic Church. Let us know how we can support you along the way!


Do I have to be a member at St. Mark to baptize my child here?

No, we do not require membership to receive the Sacrament of Baptism. However, we invite you to register with us! If you don’t already have a home parish, we’d like to be your St. Mark! If you are a member at another catholic parish, we do need a letter from them saying that you can baptize your child here.

I am going to be a godparent, but the child will be baptized in another Catholic Church. Can I take the Baptism Preparation Course at St. Mark?

Yes! As long as you meet the godparent requirements, you are more than welcome to take the course here. Just remember that you must present the certificate of completion at the church where the baptism where the church will take place.

Can I be a godparent if I am civilly married?

If you are ALSO married through the Catholic Church, you may be a godparent. If your civil marriage has not been convalidated by the Church, you are not eligible.

Can the godparents to my child be two married adults, even if they are not married to each other?

Yes. You can have (separately) married godparents, but both must be married through the Catholic Church and both must present marriage certificates. When taking the Baptism Preparation Course, they would each pre-register as a “Single Godparent” and pay the $25.00 fee each.

I am not sure how much I should pay for the course.

If you are a parent, as a couple, you only pay $25.00 (not each). When signing up for the class, make sure you select 2 “tickets”.

If you are a single godparent, you pay $25.00 and when signing up for the class, make sure to select 1 “ticket”.

If you are a married couple couple, you only pay $25.oo (not each) and you would select 2 “tickets” when signing up for the class.

I need help submitting my documents.

You can always stop by the office and we can scan the documents at the front desk and assure they will be transferred to the Parish Life Office.


Have another question or just would like more guidance through this process? Fill out this form and we will get back to you shortly!

If you’d like to meet in person, please keep in mind that office visits are handled by-appointment only on Tuesdays and Fridays. You are welcome to include possible dates & times in your message.

Due to the large number of requests and calls, please allow 2 to 3 business days to receive a reply.

Maria Ojeda

Baptism Program Coordinator
(972) 423-5600 ext. 244