Cafeteria Kitchen Policies

With many organizations wishing to use the cafeteria kitchen for events, we have established a Kitchen Use policy effective immediately. This policy will assure proper food preparation and safety procedures are in place and supervised along with a cleaning fee for fund-raising events. The group requesting the kitchen will pay a deposit and complete a Kitchen Request & Approval form.

Purpose: The primary purpose of the St. Mark kitchen is to prepare and serve daily meals for the students attending St. Mark Catholic School. Outside of daily operations during the school year, it may be made available to other parish organizations and ministries for food preparation for events.

Administration: The school principal, parish manager or facility manager may accept and approve requests for use of the kitchen. Requests must be submitted in writing via the Kitchen Facilities Use Request form along with applicable deposit if applicable. Upon approval, it will be the responsibility of the sponsor organization to book the reservation in the EMS scheduler.


  • Use of the kitchen facilities is limited to approve parish organizations/ministries of the St. Mark Catholic Community.
  • No persons under eighteen (18) years of age are permitted in the kitchen area at any time.
  • The school cafeteria manager, or authorized designee, must be present while the kitchen is in use in order to assure:
  • Kitchen, appliances and related spaces are unlocked and re-secured upon completion
  • Kitchen equipment is available to volunteers and operated in a safe, supervised manner
  • To assure food handling procedures are followed in compliance with city health department regulations
  • To assure clean up procedures, trash removal, shut down of equipment and utilities
  • To make available necessary cookware and return of same

Compensation and Fees: The organization will be required to pay the cafeteria manager at stipend of $15.00 per hour for the scheduled event duration. Minimum $50 per event.

An $85 for a clean up charge and sanitizing charge payable to St. Mark School for the janitorial service will apply for fund-raising events. This fee does not relieve the organization for usual and customary cleaning upon conclusion of the event.