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The Catholic Funeral Rite:


“At the vigil, the Christian community keeps watch with the family in prayer to the God of mercy and finds strength in Christ’s presence” (Order of Christian Funerals, no. 56). The Vigil Service usually takes place during the period of visitation and viewing at the funeral home a day before the Funeral Mass. It is a time to remember the life of the deceased and to commend him/her to God. In prayer we ask God to console us in our grief and give us strength to support one another.

Funeral Liturgy

The funeral liturgy is the central liturgical celebration of the Christian community for the deceased. When one of its members dies, the Church encourages the celebration of the funeral liturgy at a Mass.

At the funeral liturgy, the Church gathers with the family and friends of the deceased to give praise and thanks to God for Christ’s victory over sin and death, to commend the deceased to God’s tender mercy and compassion, and to seek strength in the proclamation of the Paschal Mystery. The funeral liturgy, therefore, is an act of worship, and not merely an expression of grief.

Funeral Masses are celebrated in the Church celebrated by a priest and assisted by a deacon if needed.


  • Memorial Mass
  • Mass with Body
  • Mass with Cremated Remains
  • Mass without Music
  • Mass with Music
    • Music Director
    • Music Director & Cantor

The family also has the option to select the readings, psalms, and gospel for the liturgy. Funeral Masses that take place during the Easter Season have different liturgy to chose from.

Committal Service

The Rite of Committal, the conclusion of the funeral rite, is the final act of the community of faith in caring for the body of its deceased member. It should normally be celebrated at the place of committal, that is, beside the open grave or place of inurnment. n committing the body to its resting place, the community expresses the hope that, with all those who have gone before us marked with the sign of faith, the deceased awaits the glory of the resurrection. The Rite of Committal is an expression of the communion that exists between the Church on earth and the Church in heaven: the deceased passes with the farewell prayers of the community of believers into the welcoming company of those who need faith no longer, but see God face-to-face.


  • Internment of the Body
    • At Cemetery
  • Inurnment of Cremated Remains
    • At Columbarium

These final rites, administered by a deacon, follow immediately after the Mass, if Mass is being celebrated.


The Full Funeral Rite is always recommended in the Catholic faith but we realize that each family has different desires for their loved one. Please fill out the form that most applies to your Funeral Request.

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