This Week at St. Mark's

This Week at St. Mark’s: Welcome Center, Advent Schedule

Welcome Center

Representatives from each of our Ministries are available at the Narthex tables each Sunday to assist with registrations, scheduling or to simply answer your questions.

Los representantes de cada uno de nuestros ministerios están disponibles en las mesas de Narthex todos los domingos para ayudar con las inscripciones, la programación o simplemente para responder a sus preguntas.

New Advent Schedule

In order to better accommodate the increase in our weekend Mass attendance, while maintaining our current covid safety protocols and guidelines, beginning on the First Sunday of Advent (November 28/29) the following temporary Mass schedule will go into effect:

Para acomodar mejor el aumento en la asistencia a las misas de fin de semana, manteniendo nuestros actuales protocolos y directrices de seguridad, a partir del primer domingo de Adviento (28/29 de noviembre) entrará en vigor el siguiente horario temporal de misas:


Have you recently moved to a new address? Have you recently had a new addition (or additions) to your family? Recently got married or changed your marital status? We’d like to hear from you! It is very important to update your membership records/status at St. Mark the Evangelist Catholic Church. Please email Nadya Collard at or call 972-423-5600 X 258 with any recent changes.

If you are not sure whether you are registered at St. Mark or not, also contact Nadya.

¿Se ha mudado recientemente a una nueva dirección? ¿Ha tenido recientemente una nueva adición (o adiciones) a su familia? ¿Se ha casado recientemente o ha cambiado su estado civil? Nos gustaría saber de usted! Es muy importante que actualice sus registros/estatus de miembro en la Iglesia Católica de San Marcos Evangelista. Por favor, envíe un correo electrónico a Nadya Collard a o llame al 972-423-5600 ext. 258 con cualquier cambio reciente.

Si no está seguro de si está registrado en San Marcos o no, también póngase en contacto con Nadya.

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Budgets School This Week at St. Mark's

Published Budget Reports: Parish and School

This Week at St. Mark's

Updated Procedures for Attending Mass

Beginning October 10th & 11th, we will no longer be doing Mass or confession sign ups. However, there will be a limited capacity for mass attendance that will be strictly followed.

A partir de la próxima semana, para el domingo 10 y 11 de octubre, ya no tendremos registraciones para las Misas ni para las confesiones. Sin embargo, habrá una capacidad limitada de 500 personas para la misa que se seguirá estrictamente.

This Week at St. Mark's

This Week at St. Mark’s: Bible Study, Rosary Rally and More

Adult Bible Study

ephesians image with trunk

Join us virtually for “Ephesians: Discover Your Inheritance” over Zoom beginning 10/4 from 10:15 – 12:00 and continuing on Sunday mornings until 11/22. For more information or to register for the study, email Dean at or text or call him at 972-742-1653.The cost is $29. You can watch a video about the study here.

2020 Rosary Rally

The 2020 Rosary Rally being held on Saturday, October 10th at 12:00pm noon at the Prayer Garden outside of St. Paul the Apostle Church at 720 South Floyd Road, Richardson 75080.

This Rosary Rally is organized by Catholic Daughters Court Our Lady of the Snow and the St. Paul’s Women’s Guild and is part of a simultaneous nationwide event.

Rockin’ the Flock

Rockin' the Flock flyer October 3 2020
This Week at St. Mark's

Safe Environment Renewal Notice

IF YOU HAVE NOT YET RENEWED YOUR SAFE ENVIRONMENT NOW IS THE TIME TO DO SO. You must renew your Safe Environment every year if you are involved in a ministry that is involved with children or vulnerable adults.

Due to COVID-19, all Safe Environment Renewals must be done online at

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact Linda Sartor via email at or by calling our office at 972-423-5600 ext. 226

Help us to keep our children and vulnerable adults safe.

Sentinel Moment This Week at St. Mark's

Sentinel Moment: What To Do in Case of Fire?

In case of fire in the Sanctuary during Mass, what do you do? Has that thought or question ever gone through your mind?

The Parish has a Crisis Management Plan which has the answer to this question. You will CALMLY follow the direction of the Sentinels, Ushers, or Function leader. They all have been trained on the Evacuation Plan for the Sanctuary. Each seating section of the Sanctuary has a declared exit door for that section to be directed to, to keep all the sections from trying to exit from the same doors at the same time.

So please calmly follow the directions of the Sentinels, Usher, or Function leader to the proper door.

Do not run, start pushing, or start yelling. The key word here is “calmly” leave through the door directed to with your whole family or party.

Please get away from the building, but do not go to your car and attempt to leave. The Fire Department is responding and will need all the drive ways clear for their equipment. Everyone leaving at the same time will block these responding firemen and their equipment.
Do not re-enter the church until directed to by a Sentinel, Usher, or Function Leader who has been cleared to do so by the Fire Department.

The above is the answer to your Fire question. Let’s hope and pray we never have to use this procedure.

Stay safe everyone.

Want to join the ranks of the Sentinels? Please contact Jack Ternan Sr. at 214-673-2784 or at