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St. Mark the Evangelist is proud to announce the adaptation of the Parish ID program!
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Parish ID Program Description & Importance

The Parish ID Program at St. Mark is an initiative that follows the model proposed by Father Michael Forge of Mary Immaculate Catholic Church in Farmers Branch. The Parish ID program aims to provide our parishioners a sense of identity and security within the community. 

Bishop Burns and Auxiliary Bishop Kelly with various Chiefs of Police.

Given the diverse demographic at St. Mark, the Parish ID program would especially benefit the immigrant community who may not otherwise have a picture ID for everyday purposes. While the Parish ID that St. Mark will provide is not a government issued document, it can be used in many different instances. For instance, Parish ID cards have been accepted in many COVID-19 testing sites and the Plano Police Department in Colin County has agreed to consider accepting the Parish ID Cards as valid forms of identification, at least in some situations such as traffic violations and minor incidents. The Catholic Diocese of Dallas’ Immigration Task Force is working with police departments across the metroplex to ensure that officers acknowledge and understand the use of Parish ID cards. The Parish ID cards are a way to help marginalized communities feel acknowledged and welcome not only in our church but also in the secular everyday environments.

When & Where to Obtain a Parish ID

We will begin accepting applications on Sunday, February 7th, 2020. Applications can be submitted via email or in-person at the Parish Office or the Welcome Desk in the Narthex on after each Sunday Mass.

Once all of the prerequisites have been completed and verified, the parishioners can schedule an appointment by calling the Parish Office (972-423-5600) to obtain their ID card.

The Parish ID program is an ongoing effort. All qualified parishioners are invited to apply throughout the year!

How to Obtain a Parish ID

The parishioners must register and meet all of the requirements, listed below, in order to qualify for a Parish ID.


  • Be over the age of 18 years old
  • Be a registered active member of St. Mark for at least 3 months
  • Complete the Parish ID Application 
  • Provide at least one form of identification, such as
    • Driver’s License (Expired/Active)
    • Birth Certificate (Foreign/Domestic)
    • Government ID (Foreign/Domestic; Expired/Active)
    • Passport (Foreign/Domestic; Expired/Active)
    • VISA/Green Card/Permanent Resident
    • Utility Bill or Bank Statement with your name and address
  • Provide the following additional documentation
    • A signed letter of recommendation from a U.S. citizen, such as a family member, friend, or employer, that provides account to your good character (example provided)
    • Notarized Affidavit (optional)

Resources & Links

Parish ID Application Packet

The packet below includes a checklist for your convenience with all of the requirements listed on this page, including forms and examples of the recommendation letter requested.

If you complete the application on paper, please do not forget to turn it in at our Parish Office (phone number, address, and business hours at the end of this page) and bring the original forms of ID that you have chosen to provide.

Parish ID Application – Online Submission

You may also choose to complete the application electronically. You may do so by emailing your completed Application Packet (above) and scanned documents to the following email:

Make sure to bring the original forms of ID that you have chosen to provide and the original notarized affidavit if you are providing one.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this an official document?
This Parish ID is not a government-issued document. It cannot be used to as a replacement for a Driver’s License or valid for Voter Registration. However, it will be recognized by local officials for the purposes of identification. 

I have been attending St. Mark for years now but I am not registered. Can I still qualify for a parish ID?
Unfortunately, we cannot provide you with a parish ID at the moment. We recommend that you register immediately (In-person, over the phone, or virtually). After three months, we invite you apply and take advantage of this opportunity.

How much does it cost to obtain a Parish ID?
St. Mark will provide Parish ID’s to all qualifying members free of charge.

Do I need to provide the original form of identification?
When you have your appointment, please bring the original form of identification as listed in the requirements.

Can my child also receive a Parish ID?
We can only offer Parish ID cards to individuals over the age of 18. 

What if I do not know a U.S. citizen to provide the letter of recommendation?
If you are an active participant in our parish, such as a member of Knights of Columbus or a part of our Choir, you are more than welcome to ask a fellow parishioner to write you a letter of recommendation. 

Is this the same as my Safe Environment ID?
This is a different type of identification and you are still encouraged to apply to obtain this one. The Plano Police Department will be trained to recognize this specific design for St. Mark Parish ID, while your Safe Environment ID card may not be recognized.

How or where can I get my document notarized?
Our Office Manager, Veronica Fonseca, is a public notary who can certify your document at our Parish Office. While the person making the statement can fill out the form, it must be signed in front of a notary.

I need help completing the online form.
You can always call our Parish Office during business hours with questions and we can help guide you to complete the form.

I need help scanning and uploading the documents.
You can always call our Parish Office during business hours with questions and we can help guide you to scan and upload the documents. Alternatively, we can complete the scan when you have your appointment. 

What if I am not approved for a Parish ID?
In this rare occasion, we invite you to reapply in 90 days after demonstrating your involvement in our parish community.

Contact Information

Parish Office
Mon. – Thurs. 9:00am – 5:00pm
Fri 9:00am – 12:00pm
1105 W. 15th St.
Plano, TX 75075

Ruth Sanchez
Parish ID Program Coordinator

Veronica Fonseca
Office Manager & Notary
ext. 222

Email your online application and scanned documents to