Signage and Banner Policies

Purpose: To assure an open and inviting environment for worship free of undue solicitation and pressure to parishioners and guests as they enter and leave the parish grounds and church entries and to assure consistency among the many parish organizations.  The use of other advertising media is encouraged such as bulletin announcements, take home school packets, Constant contact email, etc.
It is not the intent of this policy to stifle or diminish in any way the worthiness of various initiatives, fund-raisers or ministries.
Recently we have experienced numerous signs stuck in the ground, the flower beds, along the street, event signs placed in the walkways around the church, signs tapes or tied to church entry columns and on glass doors and windows.  To some parishioners and visitors this could pose not only a safety issue but one that is unsightly and could create an environment where they sense a carnival or flea market atmosphere with groups competing for promotion. Signage coupled with supporter presence can create congestion restricting movement of mass-goers. Current narthex guidelines state that “parishioners entering the church areas may NOT be approached as the go to Mass”.
Approval of sign/banner placement: Signage and banners are restricted to activities that benefit the parish ministries or community support excluding any commercial or business ventures.

The Parish Manager or Facility Manager must pre-approve the placement of any signs, banners or posters anywhere in proximity of the parking lots or church building entries at least one week prior to placement. Once approved the EMS facility reservation system will be updated to reflect same and a copy of the approval will be placed in the Usher room for awareness and enforcement purposes similar to that for narthex and plaza use should questions arise.
Placement of signs & banners: Signs are restricted to grassy areas north, south and west of the church, thus keeping the front entry plaza area (Alma St) areas clear.  No signs may be placed in the circular flower beds, taped or tied to entry columns, windows or doors.  Any hand held signs should be out of the way of any movement of people or vehicles.  No signs are to be placed in the city right of ways along 15th St or Alma or at the corner of the Parish Center. Similarly, no signs should be placed in close proximity of the Columbarium out of respect of the deceased and those visiting that facility.  A maximum of 4 signs is permitted per organization or event to be placed at any one time.
Signs placed in the grass (yard signs) may be placed no earlier than noon Sat and removed following the last Mass on Sunday evening either the weekend prior to the event or the weekend of the event. Signs may not be placed or left during the week as they are intended for weekend Mass attendees. Banners may be hung no earlier than Wed prior to a weekend event and must be removed at the conclusion of the event.